Girl was made to unbotton her jeans in front of Sakshi Maharaj in Uttar Pradesh


In an utterly uncomfortable video going viral, a girl in Uttar Pradesh was made to unbotton her jeans in the presence of BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj and the parliamentarian remained a silent onlooker.

According to reports, police in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri had recently raided the house of a BJP worker, Maidan Singh.

Singh’s family members accused the police of atrocities. Unnao MP, Sakshi Maharaj too arrived in the area to meet the family of Singh.

It was during his visit to the family, when a girl was made to unbutton her jeans in front of Maharaj. The video of Maharaj looking at sign of wounds following alleged assault by police has gone viral.

Maharaj was later accused of making provocative speech warning police of a retaliation by bullets.

A case has been registered against Maharaj in Bichwa police station for giving hate speech.