Ghatkopar building collapse: Story of Rajesh Doshi – Last Man found to be miraculously alive


53 year old Rajesh Doshi remained in a half squatting position for almost 15 hours, in a barely 2 feet high and 3.5 feet wide debris of his own apartment, before he could be rescued in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Photo Courtesy: The Indian Express

Recuperating in Shantiniketan Hospital, recalling the near fatal incident, Doshi exclaimed, “Patte ke mahal ki tarah mere saamne mera ghar toota (I saw my flat collapse like a pack of cards).”

Doshis had become proud owners of the 3BHK flat on Siddhi Sai’s second floor six years ago by striking a deal worth Rs 61 lakh. Recently, they had decided to sell off the apartment at Rs. 1 crore and relocate to another flat.

With regards to the alterations done on the ground floor, Doshi stated, “I could hear construction work for 18 hours a day. We were all scared of him (Sunil Shitap) because he has political influence.

But none of us were okay with alteration to the building structure.”
While the Doshi family has survived this mishap, entire families on the 3rd floor (Ajmeras, Deoras, Thaks) and many more including a 3month old infant have been mercilessly killed — for the fault of people in power and complete failure of system.

Can a mere compensation revive the lives of entire families and their loved ones? When will we stop considering deaths by negligence as mere statistics!