Delhi CM asks Geeta how she spent time in Pakistan


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday met Geeta, who returned to India from Pakistan after spending over 10 years there after inadvertently crossing over to Pakistan in 2003, and had a short “conversation” with the deaf and dumb girl.

A Delhi government official said, “The chief minister asked Geeta how she led her life in Pakistan and how she happened to stray into that country.”

Kejriwal hosted Geeta at his official residence during which the chief minister interacted with the girl through sign language with the help of a facilitator and asked, how she led her life in Pakistan and how she happened to stray into Pakistan.

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According to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, Geeta, who arrived in Delhi by Pakistan International Airlines flight 272, was accompanied by members of Edhi Foundation, a social welfare organisation that has been looking after her since 2003 when she crossed over to Pakistan accidentally.

Indian and Pakistani officials were present at the Indira Gandhi International Airport to receive her.

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Modi thanked Bilquis Edhi of the Karachi-based Edhi Foundation for taking care of Geeta during her stay in Pakistan. He also announced to offer Rs.1 crore to the foundation.

Sushma Swaraj also expressed her gratitude to the Pakistan government and the non-governmental organisation that took care of the young woman all these years.

In 2003, Geeta — then 11 years old — was spotted by the Pakistan Rangers in Lahore, and handed over to the Edhi Foundation. Bilquis Edhi, who runs the Edhi Foundation, has named her Geeta.

Manzoor Memon head of media at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, said that he India should also reciprocate the good gesture of Pakistan.

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