Gautam Gambhir attacks Arvind Kejriwal with ‘muffler-clad fraudster’ jibe


Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir has lashed out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by calling him ‘muffler-clad fraudster.’ His incredibly bitter jibe for Delhi chief minister came a day after he announced his retirement from cricket.

Reacting to the report of National Green Tribunal directing the Delhi government to deposit Rs 25 crore for its inability to check air pollution in the capital, Gambhir wrote, “Smoke has cleared and muffler-clad fraudster has emerged. So @ArvindKejriwal @BJP4India Who’ll pay this fine? Of course me, the taxpayer. I wish I had the option of saying that my tax is not for Delhi CM’s callousness.Air pollution:NGT slaps Rs 25 crore fine on Delhi govt.”

Kejriwal is known for sporting muffler or during winter as he suffered for coughing.

This is not the first time Gambhir has targeted Kejriwal on the issue of rising air pollution in Delhi. On 31 October, the former India opener had taken to Twitter to launch a tirade at him by borrowing a line from a popular Bollywood song. He had written, “He wrote, “Darde Dil, Darde Jigar Dilli mein jagaya AAP ne, pahle to yahan Oxygen tha, Oxygen bhagay aap ne. @ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty our generations are going up in smoke like your false promises. U had 1 full year to tame dengue &pollution, sadly you couldn’t control either. Wake up!!!”

In October, Gambhir was also embroiled in a Twitter spat with former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who had to shut him up after the former India opener sought to lecture him on nationalism.

In August, several media reports had indicated that Gambhir may contest the 2020 assembly elections from Delhi as the reports of Delhi cricketer possibly joining the BJP gains momentum.

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