Gau Rakshak lashes out at PM Modi for hypocrisy, says ‘stop blaming Mamata Banerjee for cow smuggling’

There were heated scenes during the youth session of Janta Ka Conclave on Social Justice in Kolkata. Representing the ruling TMC was Garga Chatterjee, while Shatarup Ghosh was there to fly the flag for the CPI-M. Ritesh Tiwari represented BJP while we also had Ashoo Mongia, a gau rakshak.

Speaking at the event, Mongia called the BJP hypocrite for not stopping the cow smuggling even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about stopping the so-called pink-revolution. He also alleged the most of the people involved in cow smuggling were not Muslims, but Hindus.

Mongia said, “Modi ji has double standard on cows. In 2014 he spoke about pink revolution. Now he’s silent on the cow smuggling into Bangladesh. I’ve personally written to Rajnath Singh ji twice in two years and he has not bothered to respond. Cow is a mother for BJP in UP, but in Arunachal and Goa, it becomes an aunt. That’s hypocrisy.”


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