Fresh communal tension in Haryana’s Atali, Jats remove fans from the mosque


A month after a group of 20,000 armed men torched Muslims’ houses, their place of worship before forcing them to leave the village, Atali in Haryana is once again in news for communal tension.

Atali’s Jats, who were originally responsible for causing this communal flare-up, forcibly removed the portable fans from the mosque just when the Muslims were preparing for their Holy month of fasting.

Muslims argue that they had installed two portable fans in the mosque because there’s currently a stay on the construction of the mosque.

A local resident Nizam was quoted by Indian Express as saying, “We put fans at the mosque because it becomes very hot and the elderly find it uncomfortable. We didn’t want to begin construction or do anything that could lead to tension. But the Jats protested and said we were trying to take over the land.”

The construction of this mosque led to a huge violence in May, when armed members of Jat community went on a rampage destroying properties and livestock belonging to Muslim community before setting their houses and mosque on fire.

Janta Ka Reporter had visited the site of violence and filed a comprehensive ground report. Talking to JKR team, the local police had blamed the members of Jat community for this violence adding that Muslims were constructing the mosque only after the court allowed them to do so.

Muslims, around 150 of them, camped themselves outside the Ballabhgarh city police station for days demanding the arrests of those responsible for causing destruction. They returned to their homes only after the senior members of Haryana’s BJP government assured them of action.





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