Narendra Modi ‘has not’ forgiven Goa CM for leak on Arvind Kejriwal


On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Goa, which is governed by the BJP. Modi made a passionate speech on demonetisation, even broke down in public and said there was a threat to his life.

He accused people queuing up to withdraw Rs 4,000 of having committed scams. The prime minister was widely slammed for his Goa speech, perceived to be insensitive to ordinary public. From Arvind Kejriwal to Prashant Bhushan to Mamata Banerjee, all condemned Modi’s insensitivity and how he allegedly mocked desperate poor citizens of India.

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But soon after the speech, Modi was seen ‘hurling insult’ on his own chief minister, Laxmikant Parsekar. The video clip from the function, which may be incredibly embarrassing for Parsekar, the Goa CM is seen doing everything to make Modi happy, but all he receives in return is constant snubbing. The prime minister simply refuses to acknowledge his colleague’s greetings.

Parsekar even tries to serve Modi water, but even that gesture fails to earns him any response from the prime minister.

Wiithin minutes, Modi leaves the podium to make an exit. Parsekar is seen walking along side Modi but soon has his way blocked Modi’s SPG men forcing him follow his leader from a distance.

It seems Modi has not forgiven Parsekar for leaking his conversation about Kejriwal earlier in June.

A senior BJP MP told Janta Ka Reporter that he wasn’t surprised by Modi’s gesture as the prime minister was known for ‘rarely forgiving’ for ‘childish’ behaviour.

“What the chief minister did in June amply highlighted his immaturity and our prime minister is known for rarely forgiving such childish behaviour. Who can blame Modi ji when the party is faced with the prospects of contesting assembly elections under the same chief minister’s leadership,” the MP said requesting anonymity.

In June, Parsekar had caused considerable embarrassment for Modi by leaking out his conversation with the latter when he visited him in Delhi.

Parsekar had said that Modi asked him about the recent public meeting conducted by Delhi Chief Minister and AAP National convener Arvind Kejriwal in the coastal state and its impact.

Parsekar, who was in Delhi to meet Modi told reporters in Goa on his return, “Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) asked me about (the) recent (Arvind) Kejriwal (public) meeting and if (it will have) any future impact…(and) I said…no.”

Kejriwal had kicked off his party’s campaign in Goa on 22 May, when he also announced that AAP will contest all the 40 seats in the state in 2017 assembly elections.

Kejriwal has always accused Modi of being ‘scared’ of his party. He reiterated this stand more recently when the issue of possible disqualification of his 21 MLAs hit media headlines.

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This revelation by Parsekar had revealed Modi’s alleged anxiety about facing Kejriewal once again when Goa goes to polls next year.

Kejriwal was credited with stopping the juggernaut after he single-handedly annihilated the BJP in Delhi election last year even when analysts felt nothing could go wrong with the prime minister.