Fake degree holder DU Student Union President Ankiv Baisoya resigns, ABVP finally admits fake degree row has tarnished its image


Weeks after ABVP’s DU Student Union President Ankiv Baisoya was first caught faking his educational qualification, he was forced to resign from his post. The ABVP, which is the student wing of the RSS, also relieved Baisoya of all organisational responsibilities.

File Photo: HT

Baisoya had submitted fake marksheet and certificate for admission in the DU from Thiruvalluvar University in Tamil Nadu. The revelation was made after the Congress’s student wing, the NSUI, in Tamil Nadu reportedly wrote to the college asking for the authenticity of Baisoya’s marksheet. The university, said media reports, stated that his degree was fake.

He was elected as the new president of the DUSU in September this year. There were demands from both the Congress and the AAP for his expulsion from the DU and legal action against him.

ABVP state secretary Bharat Khatana conceded that Baisoya’s action had tarnished the image of DUS. “So we request DU administration to complete the verification process as soon as possible,” Khatana was quoted by Hindustan Times adding that Baisoya must face legal action if he’s found guilty of faking his educational qualifications.

Khatana’s latest statement condemning Baisoya’s action comes in contrast with the organisation’s stand in September, when the revelation was first made. Terming the allegation a ‘propaganda,’ the ABVP had said in a statement, “Delhi University gave admission to Ankiv Baisoya after due verification of its documents. It’s the process of DU. Even today DU has all the right to verify documents of any student enrolled in university. But it’s not the job of NSUI to provide certificates to any person. DU has all the right to verify documents of not only Ankiv but all DUSU office bearers to stop rumours in future.”