Ex-RSS chief of Goa says latest photos of Manohar Parrikar show his greed for power


Ex-RSS chief of Goa unit, Subhash Velingkar, has alleged that the BJP and state government agencies sharing photos of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar revealed the latter’s weakness and a greed to stay in power.

Velinger, who was Goa state chief of the RSS for two decades and also instrumental in grooming several top state BJP leaders including Manohar Parrikar, told reporters in Panaji that the the chief minister’s poor health was adversely impacting the governance in the coastal state. He said that Parrikar must hand over some of the 20-odd portfolios to a deputy chief minister.

“May the Lord give him (Parrikar) better health and longer life, but the condition of his body is not well. He cannot even walk two steps. He has to be held from the rear. Tubes have to be slipped in his mouth. Goans cannot see him like this. He is weak and still clinging on to the chair…,” Velingkar was quoted by news agency IANS.

Parrikar’s recent photos have triggered a big debate with experts and opposition slamming the BJP for pushing an incredibly ailing man to remain in power for the lust of power. Parrikar was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. He’s travelled abroad to the US on several occasions for the treatment of his illness. Parrikar had also spent a long time at Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences last year.

More recently, his photos of inspecting a bridge’s construction in a frail condition with  medical tube being inserted through his nose had caused huge outrage on social media.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called Parrikar the ‘architect of modern Goa.’ Responding to a question from a party worker during a video conference, Modi had said, “I wish my best friend … well and hope for his quick recovery. He is indeed the architect of modern Goa. And I salute his efforts at work despite being ill.”

Both the BJP and Parrikar have come under huge criticism for using the latter’s poor health to gain sympathy in a state, where the saffron party lacks absolute majority. Analysts feel that Parrikar relinquishing power will give way to a split in the BJP. This, according to them, may lead to the BJP-led coalition government to fall in the state.

Some believe that Parrikar is privy to sensitive information related to the Rafale deal and it’s not in the interest of the BJP and Modi to remove him from the post. Not too long ago, the state Congress in Goa had released an audio conversation between Vishwajit Rane and a local journalist in which the BJP leader was heard making sensational claims about Parrikar in the Rafale controversy.