More embarrassment for BJP as Amit Shah’s translator says ‘Modi will destroy India’


Just days after facing considerable embarrassment for calling BS Yedryurappa the most corrupt ever, BJP President Amit Shah found himself amidst another round of public ridicule in Karnataka.

Photo courtesy: Hindustan Times

Addressing an election rally in Karnataka’s Davanagere, Shah said, “The Siddaramaiah government can’t develop Karnataka. You trust on Mr Modi and vote for Yedyurappa. We will make Karnataka the country’s number one state.”

However, according to a report by Aaj Tak, the translator, none other than BJP MP Prahalad Joshi, told the audience in Kannada, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not do anything for poor, Dalits and the underprivileged. He will destroy the nation. Please vote for him.”

Earlier this week, Shah was left red faced when he caused a major embarrassment for himself and his party by accidentally blaming BS Yeddyurappa for being the number one in corruption.

Speaking to reporters in Davanagere in Karnataka, Shah said, “A former Supreme Court judge recently said that Yeddyurappa government should get the number one award for corruption.” He was quickly corrected by one of his party colleagues, sitting next to him. This prompted Shah to then say ‘Siddaramaiah government.’

The Congress was quick to take a potshot at today’s development by calling Shah a ‘Jumla King.’ He said, “The truth has once again been spoken. In Jumla King Amit Shah’s Karnataka rally, BJP MP Prahalad Joshi spoke out what Amit Shah was actually thinking.”

Siddaramaiah too tweeted saying that he was surprised that ‘all BJP leaders have started speaking the truth.’