Speaker rejects adjournment notices on UP law and order


He was soon joined by a number of Congress and BSP members. Dixit pleaded with the agitated opposition members to allow the Question Hour to run and the issues raised by them could be taken up later during Zero Hour.

He admonished them for not allowing the Chair to conduct the proceedings of the House.

The speaker said that people in the constituencies of the opposition members were unhappy over the manner they had conducted themselves in the House yesterday.

As the opposition members were not in a mood to relent, Dixit told them that they were not supposed to hold the House to ransom.

“I reject your (adjournment) notices. No placards, please,” he told them.

After a while, they relented allowing the Chair to take up the questions listed for the day.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who was present, too appealed to the members to allow the Question Hour to be taken up first.

Congress members, however, staged a walkout.

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