Eight killed, one burnt alive, Manipur remains tense


After days of violence and eight people killed, several tribal, women and student organisations in Manipur have now called for a peaceful protest without ‘communalising’ the issue of passage of controversial Bill in the state assembly earlier this week.

These organisations have, however, asked the six MLAs from  Churachandpur to resign with immediate effect if the controversial bill is not withdrawn while demanding a judicial inquiry into the killings.

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One member of the Joint Actions Committee said that they had decided to keep shops and business establishments open between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. from Friday adding that the essential ‘services will also be available.’

The agitating mob last week had set several houses of MLAs and MPs on fire. The violence that followed later resulted in the death of eight people. A state government official said that the protesters couldn’t escape the responsibility of ‘burning one person alive.’

In Churachandpur district bordering Mizoram, police opened fire on an irate mob. The agitators, mostly representing various hill tribes, described the bill as “anti-tribal aimed at grabbing tribal land.

J.L. Swami, the spokeswoman of the JAC, expressed her surprise saying they had no idea how the person was stuck in the house protesters set on fire.

The curfew was relaxed on Thursday for few hours.