Dr Kafeel Khan’s brother shot at in Gorakhpur, operation successful after alleged struggle with police


Dr Kafeel Khan’s younger brother Kashif Jameel was on Sunday night shot at by unknown bike-borne assailants in Gorakhpur. He’s received three bullet injuries and been admitted in a local hospital.

Mere bhai kashif Jameel ko aaj bullet shot se 3 fire kr murder karne ka try kiya gaya.. He is star hospital mai hai. I always said they would try to kill us,” Dr Kafeel said in a statement.  Samar Khan, Dr Kafeel’s brother-in-law, told TOI, “As of now, we have very little information ourselves. He was on his motorbike when he was shot at.”

Jameel was taken to Star Hospital in Gorakhpur. He was attacked at around 10.30 pm. Dr Kafeel’s brother Adeel Khan told Janta Ka Reporter that the police was preventing his brother’s operation and they had been kept engaged in completing ‘formalities’ for ‘three hours.’

He said, “It’s been three hours and bullets have still not been taken out. Doctors are waiting to operate him in the operation but the police wouldn’t let us take Kashif for the operation.”

Dr Kafeel, for his part, pleaded in desperation, “Medico legal done in sadar hospital but SSP is forcing for one more medico legal in medical college gorakhpur by medical board. They have got huge force not letting us to go. Need to remove the bullet. It’s an emergency.”

After more than four hours, Jameel was operated and bullets were taken out successfully. His wife Khalida (see below) was standing beside him.

Jameel’s wife Mrs Khalida at the hospital with injured husband

Dr Kafeel had shot to fame after he single-handedly saved dozens of lives at BRD Medical College Hospital by personally buying and ferrying oxygen cylinders to the hospital when more than 300 children were killed due to non-supply of oxygen. Instead of rewarding his heroic efforts, the state police allegedly at the behest of the top functionaries of the state government, had jailed Dr Kafeel for more than eight months until the Allahabad High Court granted him bail this year.

The development soon became one of the dominating topics of Twitter conversation.

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