‘Don’t politicise rape’, Look who’s saying


With Karnataka Assembly elections only a few days away, political parties are leaving no chance to point fingers at each other. Amidst the blame game, Bharatiya Janta Party has come on twitteratti’s radar yet again. BJP’s advertisement in Deccan Chronicle, an English Daily dated 20 April, has come under scrutiny this time.

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In the advertisement, BJP is taking on Congress, which is currently in power; callung Karnataka government as insensitive over “rapes, murders and lawlessness”. The advertisement featured the images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP supremo Amit Shah and the party’s Chief Ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa.

Earlier, at the ‘Bharat ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ programme in London, PM Modi had said, “A rape is a rape. How can we tolerate this exploitation of our daughters? But can we compare the number of rapes in different governments? We can’t say there were this many rapes in our government and that many in yours. There cannot be a worse way to deal with this issue.”

The statement made by the PM while he was condemning the recent rape incidents of Kathua, Unnao and Surat contradicts with the advertisement in poll bound Karnataka.

BJP and the Prime Minister are now being trolled all over the social media for hypocrisy.

Ahead of the state assembly elections that will happen on 12 May 2018, similar advertisements of the BJP carrying the tagline “Vote for BJP, Vote for change” have been regularly appearing in several prominent newspapers in Karnataka.

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