Modi’s BA degree row: “Computerised mark-sheet in 1978, hand-written in 1980”


Earlier this week, the BJP president, Amit Shah, flashed many documents related to Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications saying they conclusively proved that the allegations against the prime minister were unsubstantiated.

Among the documents were PM Modi’s mark-sheet for BA, obtained from Delhi University in 1978.

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Many questioned the use of a computer to print the marks in the documents related to PM Modi’s degrees in 1978.

Now, Facebook users have begun posting mark-sheets obtained from the same Delhi University in 1980 for the same Bachelors degree highlighting glaring anomalies.

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He wrote, “Some original marksheets of Delhi University issued in the same period. One is of 1978, other 1980.
***By original I mean issued by DU and not by Amit Shah.****
Please see the simplicity of fonts and they are handwritten. (sic).”

This is what Shah had reportedly presented as Modi’s mark-sheet a couple of days ago.

Curiously, the font of ‘University of Delhi’ significantly changes from 1978 to 1980.

What’s also puzzling to many activists is the use of ‘computer print’ in 1978 followed by hand-written mark-sheet two years later.

Activist Roshan Shah pointed out, “This is simply amazing. Delhi University was more advanced during the time Modi claimed to complete his BA degree, but the varsity went retro two years later and began to hand out hand-written mark-sheets. While all this happened, the controller of exams remained the same as is evident from the two mark-sheets.”

Shah, who’s been spearheading a relentless campaign against the prime minister over his disputed educational qualifications said that he was now convinced that the degrees presented by the BJP leaders were fabricated. He said that he was consulting his lawyers to decide if a case could be filed against Shah and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for presenting allegedly forged documents.