Sad that PM was getting Rohith Vemula’s caste probed rather than his suicide: Kejriwal

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday remarked that it is “sad” that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was getting Hyderabad University student Rohith Vemula’s “caste” probed rather than his suicide.

The AAP chief said irrespective of the findings of the Roopanwal Commission, which has submitted its report into the case to the HRD Ministry, people are “convinced” that BJP is “anti-dalit” and that “Modi believes that dalits and backwards are not nationalists.”

“Modiji, whatever be commission report, ppl convinced that BJP anti-dalit. Sad you are investigating caste rather than suicide. According to PM, all dalits and backwards are not nationalists,” Kejriwal said in a series of tweets.

The AAP has been targeting the BJP and trying to corner it over the recent assaults on Dalits in states including Gujarat. It also plans to launch a separate Dalit manifesto ahead of the Assembly polls in Punjab next year.

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