Prashant Bhushan sends legal notice to Manish Sisodia


Expelled Aam Aaadmi Party leader and the Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan has served a legal notice against Delhi’S deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia for his government’s alleged ‘backdoor’ regularisation of contractual workers.

He said that the Delhi government’s circular issued on June 10 to only regularise the existing guest teachers was in violation of a Supreme Court ruling.

Bhushan’s notice said: “It is appropriate for the state government to employ regular, full-time teachers instead of guest teachers, but everyone has to get an opportunity to compete for employment opportunities with state.”

“By this notice, you are hereby required to immediately enlarge the scope of candidates for the exam and permit all eligible candidates. In case you fail to comply, and no action is taken within seven days, my clients have no option but to approach the court,” it said.

The legal notice said, “Legal notice seeking fair opportunity to all eligible candidates to appear for DSSSB examination for recruitment in teacher positions irrespective of their previous engagement as contract/casual teachers in adherence to Supreme Court’s judgement.”

The notice said that “equality of opportunity” was the hallmark of public employment.

Bushan added, “Making guest/contract teachers regular without an opportunity to others for such appointments, amounts to back door entry and illegal says SC.”

This is the first time Bhushan has accepted a legal case against his former party.