LG Najeeb Jung approves Swati Maliwal’s appointment as DCW chief


Delhi’s lieutenant governor, Najeeb Jung, on Monday approved the appointment of Swati Maliwal as the DCW chief, reports PTI.

30-year-old Maliwal had replaced the former Congress MLA, Barkha Singh, to become the new DCW chief. On Monday, she took charge of office but the approval from the LG’s office had not yet arrived.

But, Jung had declared her appointment as null and void.

Later, the LG had returned the file sent by the Delhi government asking it to re-submit the file after making necessary changes.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had appointed Swati Maliwal, the wife of an AAP leader Navin Jaihand. His decision had sparked a huge controversy with opposition parties criticisng this move.

AAP vehemently denied all charges of nepotism with Kejriwal himself coming out openly rubbishing any relationship with Maliwal.

Maliwal, who’s been associated with the Delhi CM since his time as India Against Corruption activist, had also served as an advisor to Chief Minister Kejriwal on public grievances and handles his Janta Samwad or interaction with the people.

Delhi government and Jung are in standoff over the administrative powers while running the government in the capital. AAP has accused Jung to continuously cause hurdle in their ability to effectively run the government at the behest of the centre’s BJP government after the party faced a complete rout in Delhi elections.

Both parties are already in court over the appointment of a new chief of Anti Corruption Branch. The court is also currently hearing a case over who has the power to make administrative appointments in Delhi.

Last week, Kejriwal called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to either spare some time for law and order in the capital or turn over the control of Delhi Police to him. This was after a 19-year-old-girl was brutally stabbed to death in the capital.

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