Even BJP ‘couldn’t resist’ retweeting Rahul Gandhi’s photos


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been creating quite a buzz from his trip to Germany, where he was hailed for making a hard-hitting impromptu speech.

Aside from making a profound point on the role of joblessness and the rampant lynchings in India, the Congress president was also hailed for not relying on teleprompter like his bete noire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While in Germany, Rahul also opened up on what it was like hearing about the killing of Prabhakaran, the dreaded LTTE chief, in 2009.

On Thursday, the official Twitter handle of Congress tweeted several photos of its president with a caption, “The many facets of Rahul Gandhi. #Bundestag.”

No sooner had the Congress posted the photos, the official Twitter handle of the BJP wrote, while retweeting the tweet by its rival, “Even we couldn’t resist retweeting this ;).”

The two parties have stepped up their Twitter war in the recent months in view of the next year’s Lok Sabha polls. Unlike 2014 parliamentary elections, the Congress has considerably improved its presence on social media and its supporters are often seen as giving tough fight to the BJP, which already has the reputation of running a well-oiled social media army.

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