Election Commission asks AAP to furnish its poll manifestos


The Election Commission has asked the AAP to submit its manifestos for Punjab, including the ones it released on dalits and farmers, as it is mandatory for parties.

The matter was raised by the Election Commission recently in a meeting with representatives of the political parties in poll-bound Punjab.

“It is mandatory to submit the manifestos to the Election Commission once they are released. Since the Aam Aadmi Party was the first one to release the manifesto, we have asked them to furnish two copies of each of their manifestos,” a senior EC official said.

Last week, the AAP had come up with a dalit manifesto in Punjab, a state that has over 25 per cent of the population from the community. AAP Convenor Arind Kejriwal had also announced that the deputy chief minister of the state would be a dalit.

Apart from dalits, the party has until now released manifestos on farmers, traders and youth.

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