Detained AAP volunteers make good use of stay in police station, withdraw money from ATM


AAP volunteers rounded up along with deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia during their protest against demonetisation today made good use of their time in detention as they queued up to withdraw cash from an ATM machine in the police station.

Apart from Sisodia and Delhi Culture Minister Kapil Mishra, police detained 48 AAP MLAs, and 400 to 500 party volunteers protesting at Jantar Mantar against the demonetisation drive. They were all taken to the Parliament Street Police station.

File photo

While Sisodia, Mishra and the MLAs were taken to an official’s room, the remaining volunteers stayed put in an open area within the police station.

There they raised slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for demonetising high value notes, sang, and queued up outside an Axis Bank ATM.

Unlike other ATMs in the surrounding areas, this particular cash vend is little known as it is located deep inside the Parliament Street police station, a typical colonial edifice, and is often used by police personnel.

“I am making good use of my time. At other places one has to queue up for a long time,” said Jagar Khan, party volunteer and a businessman from Mustafabad.

Jamal Ansari, another party volunteer from Kalkaji, said the ATM was only dispensing Rs 2000 notes and the battle ahead for him was to find change for such a high denomination note

Even policemen were seen queueing up for withdrawing money from the ATM.

“People have been facing a lot of hardships due to the decision. At other ATMs, people have to wait for a long time, but here it is taking only a few minutes,” said Naresh Rajasthani, a businessman and a party volunteer from Rohini Sector 22.