Delhi University Students’ Union elections: ABVP win three out of four seats


ABVP has won three of the four seats in Delhi University Students’ Union elections with NSUI winning the post of Joint Secretary.

The ABVP had won all four seats in the last year’s elections.

According to reports, Amit Tanwar was elected the new President, Priyanka Chabri the new VP and Ankit Sangwan has become the new Secretary. All of them are from the BJP’s students’ body, ABVP.

Mohit Sangwan from NSUI won the election for the post of Joint Secretary. NSUI is the Congress’ students’ wing.

Aam Aadmi Party’s CYSS, which had made the debut last year did not contest in this year’s elections. Their attempts to enter DU’s electoral politics last had ended in disaster.


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