BJP waale apne baap ke bhi nahi, says Arvind Kejriwal to JNU students


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday extended support to students protesting over the mysterious disappearance of  JNU student Najeeb Ahmad, who’s been missing for 9 days after a brawl with ABVP supporters.

Addressing a huge gathering at the JNU campus, Kejriwal said that it was wrong for the BJP to call itself a party of Hindus.

He said, “BJP projects itself as a party for Hindus. Some people say Najeeb is a Muslim, Akhlaq is a Muslim. BJP doesn’t care about any Hindu. BJP waale apne baap ke bhi nahi hain. I will give a concrete example. I had gone to Gujarat. In Gujarat, Patel community has been voting for the party for last 40 years. Last year, during the Patel agitation, the BJP government killed 12-14 Hindu youths.. Dalits have been subjected to constant humiliation and torture. In reality, BJP only cares about votes.

Kejriwal, who was also joined by Congress’ Shashi Tharoor and CPI-M’s Prakash Karat, said that the tragic death of the soldier on Wednesday over OROP had left the BJP exposed.

He said the party, which has always made desperate attempts to seek votes of the armed forces members had the grieving martyr’s son arrested on the day his father ended his life.

He told students to take their protests to India Gate urging them to launch a countrywide agitation against the central government.

He said, “This government is only scared of people’s power. Najeeb can only return with people’s power. You must take your protests to India Gate. I will come and join there.”

Kejriwal said that he hadn’t done any favour to JNU students by visiting the campus in support of Najeeb.

He said, “Tomorrow when my own son disappears, I hope you will come to my help…. Anybody who opposes the goondaism of the RSS, ABVP and Modi government today will either be made to disappear or get killed.”

The Chief Minister said Najeeb, who has been missing for over two weeks now, will come back only when Prime Minister Narendra Modi could be made to realise that he is losing votes over the issue.

“Najeeb will come back only when Modiji will realise that he is losing out on votes of youth. The movement for demanding justice for Najeeb needs to come to mainstream. The vice chancellor is also scared that if he will take any action he will also go missing,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal, who has had frequent run-ins with the Delhi Police, said it will not dare to pursue any investigation in this regard as RSS’ students’ wing ABVP was involved in the brawl following which Najeeb went missing.

“Whoever will raise any voice against RSS, ABVP or BJP will be called anti-national, will go missing. If Najeeb was Ambani’s son Modi ji would have taken a flight to visit him but this will not attract his attention,” the AAP chief said.

He also wondered why no one from the ABVP who was part of the campus brawl been questioned by the Police. Kejriwal said he has written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and will take a delegation to President Pranab Mukherjee when he returns from his Nepal visit.

Earlier, the JNU administration appealed to students and teachers to “discourage obstructive politics and protests” on the campus as it was hampering the smooth functioning of the university and “unreasonable” demands are being raised through demonstrations.

The appeal by the authorities came in the wake of protests by various student groups and teachers for the last two weeks over Najeeb’s case.

A student of School of Biotechnology, Najeeb Ahmed, has been  for last 19 days following a brawl on the campus allegedly with members of ABVP, the night before.

Little over two weeks ago, JNU Students Union had kept Vice Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar and other university officials under siege for over 20 hours alleging inaction on the administration’s part.