Delhi govt’s measures to curb malpractices by schools are of no use: Vijender Gupta, BJP


The BJP today said that measures planned by the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government to curb exploitation of parents by schools charging hefty fees are of “no use”. The amendments to the Education Act proposed by the AAP led Delhi government were also termed as a “mere eyewash” by the BJP

The party demanded that instead of introducing complaint redressal forum for parents through amendments to the Delhi School Education Act, 1973, a law should be brought in which will enable government to regulate fees ending woes of public.

“The draft amendments proposed by government is mere eyewash. The way parents are being looted, exploited, is of serious concern. The government has failed to address the issue over the past four months and now it is trying to do a face-saving act.

“They are proposing amendment to the Act. They claim they are going to curb such fleecing. It (proposed amendments) is not going to stop fleecing; these are of no use,” Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta told the media.

Gupta, who is also the president of a parents’ body, Delhi Abhibhavak Sangh, said setting up a complaint redressal forum will mean taking note of only those cases in which parents register grievances, while in the rest cases, even if there is exploitation taking places, schools will go scot-free, making the exercise futile.

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