SC pronounces Sasikala verdict in just eight minutes, what exactly happened in court room


New Delhi: The pronouncement of the much- awaited verdict in the apex court today, which decided the fate of AIADMK General Secretary V K Sasikala in the disproportionate assests case, was completed in about eight minutes.

The two judges, Justices P C Ghose and Amitava Roy, reached the dias at 10.32 am in Court Number 6, which was jam- packed with a large number of advocates and mediapersons.

After the seal of the voluminous judgement was opened by the court staff, the two judges held discussion for a few moments.

Amid pin-drop silence, Justice Ghose, before pronouncing the judgement, said “You can understand (that it is) too much of a fatty judgement. We have taken the burden on us.”

Immediately thereafter, Justice Ghose began reading the operative part of the judgement. It was over by 10.40 am.

No sooner had Justice Ghose finished with reading the judgement, the silence of the courtroom turned into hustle and bustle with scribes and some advocates rushing out to give out the deliberation of the courtroom drama.

Amidst this scenario, Justice Roy said he was making a supplementary judgement in concurrence with Justice Ghose.

“We have expressed deep concern about escalating menace of corruption in the society,” Justice Roy said.

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