‘Corona Mata’ temple built in Uttar Pradesh, demolished later


A group of people in Uttar Pradesh built a temple for ‘Corona Mata (mother)’ before it was demolished by the local administration. The incident took place at Juhi Shukulpur village in Pratapgarh district of the state.

The temple was built to seek divine protection from the virus. However, netizens reacted in horror after news agency ANI shared the visuals of extreme superstition being practiced by Indians even in 2021.

“Villagers collectively decided and set up the temple with belief that praying to the deity would definitely offer respite to people from Coronavirus,” a villager told the news agency.

The news evoked angry reactions from Twitterati;

A report by news agency PTI said that the temple was built five days ago by Lokesh Kumar Srivastava with the help of donations from local residents and one Radhey Shyam Verma of the village was appointed its priest. However, according to reports, the local administration later demolished the structure saying that this was built on a disputed site.

Sangipur police station SHO Tushardutt Tyagi reportedly said that the temple was built on disputed land and was razed by one of the parties involved in the dispute.

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