Congress beat BJP in Karnataka local body polls, saffron party blames money power for defeat


The Congress on Monday had taken a lead, albeit slim, over its arch rival, the BJP, as the counting for the recently-held local body polls in Karnataka continued.

File Photo: PTI

After the results for 2,628  out of the 2,664 seats were announced, the Congress had won   988, while the saffron party bagged 929 and the Janata Dal Secular 378 seats.

Although, the Congress and the JDS are the alliance partners in the Karnataka government, both parties had decided to contest the civic body elections separately. There are, however, reports that the two parties may come together if there’s no absolute majority in any urban body.

Former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa blamed the coalition government for his party’s poor performance adding that the BJP would have done had it not been the Congress-JDS government in the state.

“We would have won more if it weren’t for the coalition government,” Yeddyurappa was quoted by NDTV as saying. Times Now quoted him as saying, “BJP’s performance is commendable and better. Another factor that played a major role in the elections is the money power of Congress and JDS in which BJP failed to match them. Lok Sabha elections are fought on different notes and issues and in that elections, BJP is going to win with a thumping majority.”

The Congress and the JDS had joined hands to form the government after this year’s assembly elections in May, when no single party could secure an absolute majority.

The civic body polls for 100 city and town municipalities and town panchayats had recorded a 67% voters’ turnout on 29 August. Among those cities that went to polls did not include Mysuru, Shivamogga and Tumakuru because of a pending case on reservation before the Karnataka High Court.

The state capital Bengaluru too did not go to polls as the civic body elections here will be held next year.

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