Sonia Gandhi, Congress embarrassed by their own mouthpiece


Sonia Gandhi’s father was a member of the fascist forces in Italy. She made a failed attempt to form government at the centre and she became the party president just 62 days after acquiring the primary membership of the party in 1997.

One would think that these charges have resurfaced through fresh statements made by the BJP leaders, who had attacked her on these issues in the past.

But, the it’s the Congress’ own mouthpiece ‘Congress Darshan,’ which has carried articles incorporating these ‘facts’ critical of its own leader.

As expected, the gaffe has left the party red faced.


Separately, another article criticises Jawaharlal Nehru’s policies and the repeated suggestions that the first prime minister should have taken his deputy Sardar Valabhbhai Patel’s advice.

It says that had Nehru taken Patel into confidence, the situation in Kashmir wouldn’t have become as alarming as it is today.

The article says, “Nehru (PM) was in charge of foreign affairs and kept Kashmir with him, citing it as an international issue. But Patel, being deputy PM, would sometimes attend the cabinet meetings. Today’s problems wouldn’t have existed had Patel’s foresight in the Kashmir issue been considered then.”

What’s worse is that the article goes on to criticise Jawaharlal Nehru’s policies on China, Tibet and Nepal.

Fomer Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam, who is the editor of Congress Darshan, said: “The kind of words that have been used in Congress Darshan are worrying. I take responsibility for this, and the matter shall be investigated thoroughly. We will take action against those responsible and ensure that this never happens again.”

The fact this gaffe has taken place on the 131st anniversary celebrations of Congress party has compounded the party’s embarrassment.

Former foreign minister and a senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid said, “If any Congress mouthpiece has written something like this, then the All India Congress Committee will look into it.”

Congress’ rival, the BJP, has wasted no time in mocking the party.

Jitendra Singh, a junior minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet, said, “This is a well known fact that Sardar Patel as home minister was dealing with princely states but then PM Pundit Nehru believed he knew J&K better. Many of Nehru’s contemporaries have mentioned that course of events in J&K would have been different had it been left to Sardar Patel.”

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