Chinna Dua, wife of journalist Vinod Dua, loses battle to COVID-19


Journalist Vinod Dua’s wife Chinna Dua has passed away nearly a month after she was admitted to a hospital for COVID treatment. 61-year-old Chinna Dua was a well-known radiologist.

Vinod Dua, who was recently discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment for COVID-19, wrote on Facebook, “Chinna no more.”

Chinna Dua had complained of breathlessness on 13 May and had to be hospitalised on the advice of her doctor. A day later she was shifted to Gurgaon’s Medanta hospital. She had continued to share updates about her health on Facebook until 22 May.

Her Facebook update on 15 May had read, “Hi all, day before on May 13, I started having difficulty breathing. My doc by listening to my voice said that I was going into cytokine storm and need monitoring. We were admitted to St Stephens’ Hospital on May 13 but my condition progressed, requiring ICU but bed wasn’t available there. Last night we got admitted to Medanta. Vinod is in the room on 5 litre intermittent oxygen. I am on 15 litre and breathless. It will take some time to recover. Need all good wishes, blessings and prayers of all.”

On 22 May, she wrote, “Good day. Hope you all are fine. At this stage we would all love miracles… Shraddha and saburi i.e. faith and patience is the only way to tide over. So stability and status quo are to be thankful for which is how it is right now. There are samples taken in the middle of the night. Sleep is disturbed for medicines, sponging, meals and what nots leaving one exhausted at times… Please continue with your prayers.”

Chinna Dua was placed on a ventilator on 26 May. She is survived by her husband Vinod Dua and two daughters, Mallika Dua and Bakul Dua.

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