Were anti-India sloganeers on JNU campus IB men, disguised as protesters?


Renowned economist and JNU professor Jayati Ghosh has made a sensational allegation that the men who chanted anti-India slogans on JNU campus on 9 February were IB personnel disguised as protesters.

Speaking on the recent controversy on the campus on Saturday, Ghosh said that the controversy was the fallout of a dangerous plan by the central government to defame JNU.

She said, “It was planned at a higher level. We suspect the three masked men who raised those ‘anti-national’ slogans were from IB.”

Ghosh said that government policies and not students could ever be termed anti-national.

“The term in the last few years had been used to fix any political opponent of the government. Justice against Kudankulam nuclear plant is anti-national, those who are looking at the rights of displaced people are anti-nationals, those who are talking about bauxite mines being built in the villages are anti-nationals. This is typically how it’s being used in the discourse. And now we know this whole campus is anti-national,” Ghosh was quoted by Times of India.

Renowned Supreme Court advocate, Prashant Bhushan tweeted, “The conspiracy to ‘shut down’ JNU was hatched by govt & channels before Afzal event. Were sloganeers brought by IB!?

Journalist Sagarika Ghose responded, “”Anti India” sloganeers in JNU were IB men in drag playing agent provocateur?? good lord!”

Ghosh’s stunning allegation assumes significance in light of certain news channels’ desperation to broadcast fake videos to create unrest in society and their subsequent refusal to apologise even when forensic reports conclusively established they were doctored.

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