Centre picking fights with students and dalits deliberately, explains its war against Delhi government: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has accused the Narendra Modi led central government of picking fights deliberately in different parts of the country adding that it explained the Cntre’s daily battles with the Delhi government.

Kejriwal, who’s currently on a five-day tour of Punjab, told Indian Express, “From the incidents of the last few days, it’s clear that in the last one year, (the AAP government) were not the ones fighting, it was [the Centre]. Today, the BJP government at the centre is at war with students, it is at war with the Dalits.they are picking up fights where there are no fights. They are picking up issues where there are no issues, they are making up issues. That is what they were doing with the Delhi government. That is their character. They want to fight deliberately.”
The Delhi CM also asked as to why those, who allegedly raised slogans supporting the break-up of India on JNU campus were not arrested yet adding that the faces of those shouting the slogans were visible in the CCTV footage.

He said, “Why are they not arresting these people? We are also conducting an inquiry by a District Magistrate. We have videotapes. These boys [who have suurended] organised the function. They had called some people from outside, and those people raised the slogans. We have their videos, we have their photographs. The police also have them. Why is the (Narendra) Modi government not arresting them?” said Kejriwal.

This gives to the suspicion, Kejriwal said, “that they do not want to.
“They want to keep this whole issue boiling. Either say that the whole of Delhi Police, the CRPF, RAW, IB, they have all become useless. If they have not been able to catch four boys who raised slogans, how will they get hold of the Pathankot terrorists? That means the government machinery is completely ineffective, which I don’t believe. They are not. Our intelligence agencies are very good. So the only second conclusion is that the Modi government is in collusion with them.”

On his first state-wide tour of Punjab after two years to kick off the Aam Aadmi Party’s push for the 2017 assembly elections, Kejriwal told The Sunday Express that AAP’s main opponents were not the Akali Dal or the Congress, but “drugs, unemployment and corruption”.
He said that Delhi police had not been able to find any evidence against Kanhaiya.

He said, “Here I specifically want to speak about Kanhaiya… They have not been able to find any evidence against him… But B S Bassi (the Delhi Police chief) says these people have to prove their innocence first. It’s the job of the police to find the evidence to show guilt. Bassi has turned the criminal justice system on its head.”
He also said that nationalism should not be converted into jingoism.

“Nationalism is getting rid of corruption, nationalism is giving people education; it is building schools and colleges; getting rid of drugs; it is building infrastructure. It is not nationalism when you kill somebody, stand over his body and say Bharat Mata ki Jai,” he said.

On Punjab, he said that the AAP’s fight was not against Akali Dal or Congress but ‘drugs, unemployment and corruption.”
Kejriwal added, “the people will have to see who is the villain”. “The Centre is the villain. This is a political struggle that the country is seeing. My studied assessment is that we will win 100 oo6ut of the 117 seats (in the Punjab Assembly).”