Central government has openly challenged Supreme Court’s authority: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that the last few days of developments were extremely dangerous and the central government had brazenly challenged the authority of the Supreme Court.

After meeting the President Pranab Mukherjee, Kejriwal told media, “We told the President that the developments of last few days were very unfortunate. Despite Supreme Court ruling that adequate security should be provided to journalists and Kanhaiya Kumar, they were beaten. Patiala House Court is barely 200 meters away from the Supreme Court. Police remained mute spectators. Police gets instruction from their masters to take or not to take any action.

“It’s clear that the police did not take action because their masters i.e. central government had instructed them not to take any actions. So, in effect, it’s the central government, which tried to tell the Supreme Court that ‘we would not obey your ruling, do whatever you can.’

“This is an open challenge from the central government to the apex court warning to defy its order. If Supreme Court’s orders can’t be implemented even in the 200 meter periphery of the apext court, then there will no constitution left in this country. Ther, there is no judiciary left, only the dictatorship of Prime Minister (Modi) and central government. This is something very serious. This is very dangerous for the country.”

The Delhi chief minister also demanded to know why the BJP MLA, OP Sharma was roaming about scot-free despite having thrashed an individual on camera before justifying his action.

Sharma had later told media that he would have killed the individual if he had a gun because he was shouting anti-India slogans.

Kejriwal said, “We told the President about the attack on journalists and students by BJP MLA OP Sharma. Sharma had justified his action saying they were chanting anti-India slogans. So, is it a new law that you can kill anybody because they are found to be chanting anti-India slogans? Why is OP Sharma roaming free? Then shut down the Supreme Court and Shut down the High Court.”

Kejriwal said that among other things he had also apprised the President about his concern over the Delhi police’s inability to arrest the real culprits who had chanted anti-India slogans.

He said, ‘This is a matter of concern that the central government has failed to arrest the guilty even few days after the original incident happened. Questions are being asked as to why the central government has been unable to arrest the culprits.
There can be only two reasons. Either the central government doesn’t want to arrest them to keep the issue and excuses alive so that the country remains on the boil.

It also amply illustrates how the central government with Delhi police which has 80,000 forces and IB at its disposal can’t arrest four people. How will they nab the culprits of Pathankot attack?”

Kejriwal also said that his cabinet colleague Kapil Mishra (Tourism Minister) was getting threatening calls from +301 numbers.

He asked, “If ministers are getting threatening calls, then which direction the country is heading to?”

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