CBI ‘tortured’ under secretary, who drafted affidavit on Ishrat Jahan


Former under-secretary, internal security in UPA government’s ministry of home affairs, RVS Mani has made sensational allegations on Ishrat Jahan.

Mani told ANI news agency, “What was reason for the 2nd affidavit, I don’t know. As the then Home secretary also came on record, it (2nd affidavit) was not drafted at his level. If it has been drafted at the higher level, I don’t know what is the reason and necessity in that context. As per conduct rule 3,once an order is received on file, I have to execute it. That’s why I signed the second affidavit.”

Mani said that he had drafted based on the documents available on the file adding that GK Pillai, the then home secretary was a man of ‘high integrity.

he said, “I drafted the first affidavit, it was a clear & exact affidavit. It was based on documents we had on file. Mr. Pillai is a an officer of high integrity. I have no reason to disbelieve what he has said. I have much more reason to believe.”

Pillai had last week told a TV channel that the affidavit in Ishrat Jahan’s alleged fake encounter’s case was changed.

He had, however, clarified that there was no evidence to suggest that Ishrat was a Lashkar operative.

Mani also said that he was tortured by then IG, Satish Verma, who burnt his body with a cigarette butt.

He said, “Interrogation had started around 9 am. IG Satish Verma joined interrogation at 10:30am, and it went upto 2:30-3 pm in polite manner.

“In 2013 I was hauled up and harassed. I drafted a note and sent it to my superiors. Immediate result was many fellows chased me. After that he (Satish Verma) started narrating nonsense, became physical after 4. He had put cigarette butts on my thighs.

“Satish Verma kept telling me that ‘you say Rajendra Kumar brought the affidavit and you signed it.’ He kept harping on that. I said that is not the truth, I am competent. I don’t require an IB Officer to walk in and say sign the affidavit. I did not give in to his (Satish Verma) pressures.”

Mani said that he even told Verma that his wife will approach the Chief Justice of India if the ‘torture’ didn’t stop.

He said, “At 5, I said this is not right, my wife will go to Chief Justice’s house and we have contacts there. My mobile phone was also snatched, they kept it in a separate place. I have seen the file, will use the word “cross fire” not encounter. I had given all details where she (Ishrat) went, stayed and procured arms. It’s all in the first affidavit.”

Ishrat was killed in alleged fake encounter in Gujarat in 2004.




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