“Can take horse to water but cannot make it drink”: Subramanian Swamy’s fresh attack against Modi government on Chinese aggression, says PLA will enter Arunachal too

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has asked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government to ‘evict’ Chinese troops from Ladakh without seeking foreign help. In a fresh attack against his own government, Swamy said that he could ‘take a horse to water’ but he ‘cannot make it drink.’

Swamy tweeted, “We must wipe out by action that the 1962 defeat was Nehru’s defeat not Bharat Mata’s. This must be done without clutching at straws. That means to evict the Chinese troops from Ladakh without seeking foreign help. How? I can take a horse to water but I cannot make it drink.”

In a separate social media post, Swamy appeared to take a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s earlier claims that there was no gtransgression by the Chiense army. He said, “For how long shall we hold to the view that “koi aaya nahi aur koi gaya nahin”?. In March-April 2021, PLA will enter Arunachal too. Now is the time for the moment of truth.”

In June last year, Modi had said that ‘neither have they intruded into our border, nor has any post been taken over by them (China).’ His astonishing statement had come soon after 24 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese army. Modi’s extraordinary statement had prompted many armed forces veterans to wonder if India had surrendered Galwan Valley to China. Lt. General (Retd) Rameshwar Roy had said, “Today is very unfortunate Day !! I thank my three stars that I am retired n my son in not in the Army!”

Lt General (Retd) Prakash Menon had written on Twitter, “Modi has capitulated and said that kuch hua hi nahi ( nothing has happened in terms of territorial loss)! OMG. Is there a case for his trial for treason because he just reiterated China’s stand. What is the legal / constitutional position . Help!”

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