“For a bloody film of 2 hours, consultation is done, but no consultation when it comes to empowerment and justice for Muslim women”


The censor board on Saturday decided to pass the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Padmavati, with UA certificate after consultation with the stake holders, who had opposed the release of the film with violence. The decision has left Asaduddin Owaisi, the Lok Sabha MP and the AIMIM president, incredibly incensed.

An angry Owaisi took to Twitter to express his shock by drawing a parallel with how the Centre’s Narendra Modi government had ‘bulldozed’ the Triple Talaq Bill affecting millions of Muslims men and women.

His tweet read, “For a bloody film of 2 hours consultation is done with organisations but when it comes to empowerment and justice for Muslim Women no consultation but by brute majority badly drafted ,flawed and bill which violates Fundamental rights is bulldozed.”

Owaisi has been relentlessly opposing the Bill on Triple Talaq, which was passed in the Lok Sabha, where the BJP has the numerical advantage, on Thursday.

Speaking in the parliament, Owaisi had said that the Bill, if passed, will lead to abandonment of Muslim women. In an apparent dig at Narendra Modi abandoning his wife, Owaisi had also demanded justice for 20 lakh non-Muslim women including the estranged wife of the prime minister, who he referred as ‘bhabhi.’

He had said, “This bill, if it is passed, will be an injustice to Muslim women, will lead to abandonment of Muslim women. What the Bill is required is to make a law, wherein 20 lakh women, who are abandoned by married people, who do not belong to Muslim community, which also includes our bhabhi in Gujarat, should be given justice.”

Janta Ka Reporter on Friday had exposed the Modi government’s claims of concern for Muslim women by highlighting how even the judges of the Supreme Court, while delivering the historic verdict on 22 August, had raised suspicion on the real motice of the BJP-led government on the issue of Triple Talaq. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad too had given it away when he told the parliament that the other forms of Islamic divorce and polygamy too will be raised later.

Responding to our report, Owaisi had said, “If this Bill becomes law then in future government can bring a simple amendment to set aside/make unconstitutional ,Talaaq Ehsan and HASAN so whole purpose is to deny Muslims to get married according to their religion.”

There’s a real fear amongst Muslims that the present government was in a hurry to pass Triple Talaq Bill only to push its wider agenda of replacing Muslim laws with the Uniform Civil Code, a charge that the BJP government has denied.