BJP playing with students’ career by attempting to saffronise institutions: Sharad Yadav


JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav on Friday accused the BJP government of “playing with the career” of students by appointing those who were party’s ideological  supporters to the top  educational posts.

He said the removal of Lalit Kala Akademi head Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty and several other top appointments at Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Institute of Advanced Study at Shimla and Banaras Hindu University, smacked of BJP’s determination to saffronise all these organisations.

PTI quoted him as saying, “The government is adamant to install such persons who have no knowledge and experience in the field of institutions where they are being appointed. A clear message has gone that it is bent upon playing with the career of the children.

“The government is appointing those persons who are their close sympathisers to high positions whether they are competent enough or not is not their criteria. It has appointed people supporting its ideology and those who are mediocre.”

The Rajya Sabha MP said that these institutions ought to have been spared from their politicisation adding that the government wanted to install people on ideological grounds everywhere including IITs, cultural bodies and national libraries etc.

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