BJP MP from Gujarat says kicking the elderly was a small incident


BJP MP Vitthal Radadiya, seen in a video kicking an elderly man at a function, has conceded that he did it but called it a “small incident.”

“That man was spreading superstition as he was continuously shaking his head and body when artists were singing. His acts also disturbed many others, including women, as they felt uncomfortable due to his weird acts,” he was quoted by PTI.

The video of BJP MP from Gujarat’s Porbandar repeatedly kicking an old man at a function had gone viral.

The video posted on Sunday showed Vitthal Radadiya repeatedly kicking an elderly man at a religious function.

Radadiya is not new to controversy. In October 2012, he had stoked a huge controversy after he was caught on camera brandishing a gun and allegedly threatening a toll booth attendant near Vadodara.