BJP minister criticised for touching woman doctor’s collar


The BJP minister in Jammu and Kashmir is facing scathing criticism from the social media users as him holding the collar of a woman doctor goes viral.

The health minister Chaudhary Lal Singh had visited a hospital to check the preparedness for the Amarnath Yatra. Addressing a young female doctor, the minister commented that her collar wasn’t in place before moving in to ‘fix it.’

An officer present there was quoted as saying, “The minister moved towards her and said … ‘Bitiya your collar is not proper’ and corrected it himself. The doctor said nothing. On seeing the minister admonishing the doctor, fixed her own collar.”

In March this year, Singh had stoked controversy after a woman doctor accused him of mental harassment. This had followed Singh rebuking the lady doctor for not wearing her lab coat.

BJP is currently ruling Jammu and Kashmir with the help of PDP.


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