BJP leader Krishna Kumar poses for camera with daughters in hijab in Abu Dhabi; political rivals call it hypocrisy


The BJP may have opposed hijab in India but one of its senior leaders recently made his daughters pose for the camera in Islamic attire during their visit to Abu Dhabi. Krishna Kumar, whose social media bio describes him as an actor and a National Council Member of the BJP, took to Facebook to share a series of photos of his recent trip to Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

He wrote in Malayalam, “Hello brothers… ????????During the visit to Abu Dhabi the other day, I told my friends and my children’s desire to visit Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque there and they paved the way for it. ???? I think it is a great fortune to have been able to visit this very beautiful, very attractive and very spacious temple…Wishing all the best… Hail Hind.”

In the photos, Krishna Kumar’s daughters posed for the camera wearing hijab.

While many netizens found the politician’s daughters beautiful in Islamic attire, his political rivals used the opportunity to highlight the BJP’s hypocrisy on the topic of hijab.

Congress leader Salman Nizami tweeted, “Oppose Hijab in India, Promote Hijab in UAE. Hypocrisy thy name is BJP. That’s BJP leader Krishna Kumar with his daughters in UAE!”

Another user wrote, “BJP leader and Actor Krishna Kumar from Kerala recently visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi along with his two daughters. And to make “their proud moment” momentous, they happily posted these photos on Krishnakumar’s Facebook page.”

The BJP recently hailed the Karnataka High Court’s ruling in favour of the hijab ban for Muslim girls in schools and colleges. Karnataka’s BJP government has provided ‘Y’ category security cover to the three judges of the Karnataka High Court, who upheld the ban.