BJP insulted martyrs of united Maharashtra: Sena


Shiv Sena, which has decided to go it alone in the civic polls today accused the BJP of “hypocrisy”, saying the candidates of a party which advocates smaller states have begun their campaign by paying tribute to martyrs who laid down their lives for a united Maharashtra.

In a stinging editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Sena said that BJP has “insulted” those who made the supreme sacrifice for Samyukta Maharashtra.

The party had launched its campaign last week by raking up the BJP’s advocacy of smaller states, alleging it has a hidden agenda of breaking up Maharashtra and even would not hesitate to separate Mumbai from the state.

The Sena has singled out the BJP for attack in civic polls despite being partners in the state and central governments.

Countering Sena’s broadside, the BJP on Sunday kick- started its BMC poll campaign by lining up all its candidates at the ‘Hutatma Chowk’, to pay homage to the martyrs and take a vow that they would offer a transparent and corruption-free regime if voted to power in the cash-rich Mumbai civic body.

“The BJP started poll camapign with a drama of showing devotion to Maharashtra which was a flop show. The BJP leadership by asking their aspirants to pay homage to the martyrs is the biggest hypocrisy of the century. People who are against a united Maharashtra stepping on the memorial is an insult to the martyrs,” the Sena said.

“The present CM and his associates favour dividing Maharashtra into four pieces. This policy of theirs is an insult to the martyrs. Did any of the aspirants, who went to pay homage declare that the state should not be divided ?” it questioned.

“The CM bending before martyrs and garlanding them only for selfish political interests, is the height of hypocrisy.

They have rendered the memorial of martyrs impure which can be made pure again only if they get decimated (in the BMC polls),” the Sena said.

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