BJP to form government in Goa as Goa Forward Party extends support


BJP is all set to form government in Goa despite winning only 13 seats in the just concluded polls after Goa Forward Party decided to extend its support to the saffron party.

Goa Forward Party’s Vijai Sardesai said, “We have decided to support BJP to form the Govt under leadership of Manohar Parrikar. We will evolve a Common Minimum programme within 1 month of formation of Government. We do not see anybody else in legislature party of BJP capable of leading Goa. Want maximum development.”


This came after Parrikar met the Governor with 13 BJP MLAs, 3 MGP MLAs, 3 Goa Forward Party MLAs and 2 Independent MLAs to stake claim to form the government.

The Goa Forward Party, considered to be close to Congress, had earlier told Janta Ka Reporter that it will extend support to Congress if certain conditions were met. These conditions included the new chief minister being anyone other than Luizinho Faleiro and agreement on a common minimum programme.

Nitin Gadkari told reporters that the two smaller parties had set it as a precondition that they would only support if Parrikar was made the chief minister.

Parrikar thanked Sardesai and leaders of MGP and independent MLAs for their support.

“This is the mandate given by the people though we fell short of the magical figure. But with the support from other parties and independent MLAs we’ve crossed that mark.”

Joining Parrikar in the press conference was also Sardesai, who said that he was the ‘only man odd one out’ in the group.

He said, “We fought four seats and won three. Ours is the best strike rate. We will not compromise with our core principles of Goa First.”


More to follow.