BJP criticises a ‘Muslim’ Hamid Ansari, then apologises as he was never invited for Yoga event


Vice President Hamid Ansari was not invited to the International Yoga Day celebrations, reports the news agency PTI.

Earlier today, right wing elements on social media launched scathing attack against him implying that his decision may have been made on religious grounds.

Senior BJP functionary and the former RSS spokesperson, Ram Madhav tweeted first criticicing the VP before apologising for having done so.

His first tweet read,

“Two questions, Did RS(Rajya Sabha) TV dat runs on tax payers money completely blackout Yoga Day event? While President participated d VP gave a miss.” (sic)



Madhav, however, was quick to post another tweet expressing his regrets for questioning the integrity of such a top constitutional post. He the VP’s absence to his indisposed condition.


However, the latest revelation by the PTI has made Madhav a subject of scathing criticism and ridicule by social media users.

Journalist Shekhar Gupta tweeted,


User @msirsiwal tweeted,





User @Iam_prerna felt that such negativity had ruined the goodwill of yoga.


User @naqui_s asked if this is how the country’s VP treated because of being Muslims, one could imagine the plight of a common Muslim.


User @atheist_club said that the Hindutva forces’ true colours were exposed after their attack on Hamid Ansari.



Hamid Ansari has been a soft target for right wing elements. Earlier in January, the VP was criticised for not saluting the national flag during the national anthem despite there being no tradition for such ritual


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