BJP corporator in Gujarat tied to tree and roughed up by slum residents


In a shocking incident, a BJP corporator in Gujarat was roughed up by slum residents, who tied him to tree for considerably long time.

According to reports, local residents were angry with Vadodara city council’s demolition work near a local lake. Patel was visiting the area when the angry local residents tied him to a tree.

In the viral video, Hasmukh Patel is seen being tied to a tree in a helpless condition. He’s seen having conversation in Gujarati while desperately trying to exonerate himself from the charges levelled by the slum residents in Vadodara’s Bapod.

“This land belongs to the Collector (state government) and he is the one who passes an order. I am a small councillor. I have no idea about the decision taken by the municipal commissioner (regarding demolition),” Patel is heard saying in Gujarati.

City Police Commissioner Manoj Sashidhar said 66 people were arrested in connection with the case and further investigation is on.

“When Hasmukh Patel was taking a round of his ward, around 20 people protested against him over a demolition carried out some months ago. They took him to a nearby area and tied him to a tree and beat him up,” Sashidhar was quoted by PTI.

The residents of the slum that was located around Nani Bapod lake under ward number 5 were given alternative houses under a government rehabilitation programme, the commissioner said, adding that the attack was not pre-planned.

The councillor, who was later rescued by police, has sustained injuries in his hands.

Gujarat goes to polls in December this year, when the BJP government will be trying to desperately fight 22 years of anti-incumbency.

The saffron party is facing angy protests from the state’s Dalits, Patidars and trading community.

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