BJP candidate Sanghamitra Maurya urges voters to cast fake votes, supporters cheer her appeal with applause


A viral video has shown BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Badaun in Uttar Pradesh, Sanghamitra Maurya, urging supporters to cast fake votes to ensure maximum possible votes in her favour. The video, which was shared by journalist Imran Abbas on Twitter, has evoked angry reactions from netizens.

Sanghamitra Maurya

In the video, Maurya, daughter of UP cabinet minister, Swami Prasad Maurya, is heard saying, “Not a single vote should be spared. And someone is not present (to cast vote), then it’s quite common to cast on their behalf using fake slips. Take advantage of that if you get an opportunity. Sanghamitra’s appeal for fake votes is received by clapping and appreciation.

She doesn’t stop here. Continuing her speech, the BJP candidate says laughingly, “You mustn’t do it, but do it when you get an opportunity. Try to cast your own vote but when someone is not here then you can do it (cast fake votes) but discreetly.”

The video has evoked strong reactions from social media users and journalists with many demanding action against her by the Election Commission.

This is not the first time that Sanghamitra has courted controversy. Last month, she had told an audience that she will become a goon if anyone tries to bully the people of Badaun. She had said, “If anyone tries to play with your dignity, self-respect and attempts to bully you, Sanghmitra will turn into a bigger goon than those people.”

Earlier this month, Sanghamitra was in the news for allegedly hiding details about her marriage in the election affidavit because of trouble in her marital life.

Uttar Pradesh goes to polls in six stages with four phases of polling remaining. The counting will take place on 23 May.