Bihar lawyer files case against Lord Ram for atrocities against wife Sita


In a bizarre development in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district, a lawyer has moved court for ‘justice’ against ‘mother Sita’ as he filed a case of atrocities against Lord Ram.

Advocated Thakur Chandan Singh has filed a case in the court of Sitamarhi’s chief judicial magistrate Shyam Bihari against Lord Ram.

The petitioner has alleged that Lord Ram committed atrocities against ‘mother Sita’ demanding justice to be delivered in his case. In the case, Singh has accused Lord Ram of renouncing Sita on the accusations levelled by a laundryman.

He told Aaj Tak, “The King of Ayodhya (Lord Ram) did not do justice to the daughter of Mithila (Sita). I’ve filed the case to get justice to mother Sita. My only aim is to get justice for mother Sita.”

However, many have termed this move as a publicity stunt and legal experts feel that the case may be thrown out of the court.

The hearing is scheduled for today and the court will decide if it admits the petition.

According to Hindu belief, Siita was found and adopted by Janaka, king of Mithila, now in Bihar and his wife Sunayana.


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