‘Bigot’ Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy condemned for calling for boycott of ‘everything Kashmiri’

Meghalaya Governor and known RSS pracharak Tathagata Roy on Tuesday posted a racist tweet asking for the boycott of ‘everything Kashmiri. Known for his hate-mongering even while holding the constitutional post, Roy made his ‘appeal’ using his Twitetr account.

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He wrote, “An appeal from a retired colonel of the Indian Army: Don’t visit Kashmir,don’t go to Amarnath for the next 2 years. Don’t buy articles from Kashmir emporia or Kashmiri tradesman who come every winter. Boycott everything Kashmiri. I am inclined to agree.”

His tweet evoked angry reactions from journalists and leaders of political parties. Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted while calling Roy a ‘bigot.’ He wrote, “These are the bigots driving Kashmir over the abyss. While you are at it Tathagata why don’t you stop using our rivers to generate your electricity as well?”

His subsequent tweet read, “eople like Tathagata want Kashmir but without Kashmiris. They’d sooner see us driven in to the sea. He’ll be best placed to know he can’t have one without the other so what’s it to be?”

Several journalists too reacted angrily to Roy’s tweet. Suhasini Haider asked President of India to take note of his racist tweet as she wrote, “Governor of Meghalaya appears to have violated the oath he took under Section 159 of the Indian Constitution: “Will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the law”. For @rashtrapatibhvn to take note.”

Journalist Siddharth Vardarajan tweeted, “Is this account impersonating the Meghalaya governor? If it is, the police should ask Twitter to immediately take it down. And if it is a genuine account, this gentleman should be booked under Section 153 of the IPC and removed as governor forthwith. What a disgrace he is.”

In 2017, Roy had condoned the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. He has also flaunted his association with the RSS in the past even while holding a constitutional post.

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  1. 1) Roy made his appeal using his ‘Twitetr’ account

    2) His subsequent tweet read, “eople” like Tathagata

    Seems like no word document tool is used for spelling check at the News Media Company before publishing articles to the world wide web !


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