Bhai…aisa hai toh gyan mat do, phenko mat! Bolo ki nahi sambhal raha hai: An Indian army officer to PM Modi on OROP


1.25 lac crore package for Bihar announced by the Hon’ble PM. I am sure a lot of complicated calculations and discussions with all the concerned ministers and Babus. And Bihar is a clean, non-corrupt and a model state! I wonder what can be the reason?

Modi did the OROP jumla for getting the votes of the veterans. He is doing it again to get the votes here. Jumle pe jumla!!

Being a part of multiple fauji groups, I have seen a very interesting trend. I saw many debates with all the fauji josh and support for the jumlaman before the 2014 elections. They would rubbish anything against him as if he was God. It was hope and an unexplained belief that at least this guy will deliver. The angst in veterans and servicemen by the 180 degree turn across groups that I see laced with choicest of expletives is sad.

As someone  who had always been crazy about the bigger picture, I held my view that there will be only trouble for the uniformed and the ESM.

Those who discussed with me know that I had logically explained why! Sadly, I see the things happening exactly the way I had feared and even worse. It is only weakening the country day by day. Morale is something, which takes centuries to build and only a day to destroy.

Those megalomaniacs, who think or have been made to believe by a group of people that they are God, need to wake up before things go out of hand. OROP is an important thing, BUT, it is just one thing of the hundreds that are going wrong. Most institutions have been diluted, incapable people are heading organizations and ministries.

While ex-servicemen have a little voice, the farmers dying everyday have no voice. All this doesn’t augur well for the future. And for everything that one says, a majority ruling party points a finger to the Congress. I mean, if you have to blame the Congress for not being able to do anything, why did we elect you guys with a majority???  Fingers crossed!

All the gyan and the gas that was bellowed against the previous government aside, every single bill, project, plan that this Govt has launched with fanfare and packaged was a UPA brainchild, which these guys had opposed tooth and nail, disrupting the parliamentary proceedings day after day.

The steep rise in number of ceasefire violations at the LoC aside, the IB now points to a total failure of the saree diplomacy indulged in at the cost of fauj and civilian casualties. And yet people tom tom about the foreign visits resulting in nothing.

And we are talking to Pak again…Why???

While in opposition, scream from rooftops that the PM is weak and that we should extract eyes of those who look at us with enmity. When in power, do the same thing…even worse.

Bhai…aisa hai toh gyan mat do, phenko mat!

Bolo ki nahi sambhal raha hai, aur waqt lagega!

I don’t have the time, otherwise I would going about the Vyapam scam, Lalitgate and chikki scam and other scandals, which shame us like never before.

Agar bhashanbaazi ka competition hota toh theek tha….humney bhi bahut kiya debating, extempore aur elocution. Yeh Desh ka sawaal hai, chalaney ke liye dimaag aur dil dono chahiye!

I am not afraid of the government. I am more worried about people, who see everything but for some strange reason have taken leave of logic to understand what is going on in the country and what it shall result in. OROP is but one example.

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