‘Because in Gujarat, it’s always been about Khaunga, aur Khaane Doonga’ twitter explodes on land grab revelation


Friday turned out to be quite an agonising day for Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel, her mentor and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi and, most crucially, ruling saffron party the BJP.

Little had Modi imagined that his much anticipated three-day visit to Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha on Friday will soon be overshadowed by an utterly miserable piece of news i.e. the discovery of ‘land scam’ in Gujarat while he was at the held of affairs.

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Rohini Singh, the Economic Times reporter pulled off a coup with her brilliant investigative piece on what appeared to be a shining example of cronyism and rampant corruption during Modi’s rule in the western Indian state.

It emerged how Anandiben Patel, then the Revenue Minister in Modi’s cabinet, had allotted 250 acres of land to the business partners of her daughter Anar Patel for just Rs 15 per square metre in 2010-11.

For those who are still catching up on Gujarat politics, the current Gujarat CM continues to hold Revenue portfolio.

The revelation is not just embarrassing but extremely bad news for Modi and the BJP.

Modi because it provided one more ammunition to his detractors, to launch scathing attack ‘exposing’ his alleged ‘hypocrisy’ on the issue of corruption.

Congress’ Anand Sharma, wasted no time in launching his attack against him by implying that the decision to allot expensive land at a throwaway price to Anar Patel had Moodi’s blessings.

Modi’s rivals were also quite nimble-footed in mocking his famous comment ‘naa khaaonga, naa khaane doonga’ which he made after becoming the prime minister while reiterating his stand on corruption.

The BJP, led by Modi had fought 2014 elections, reminding voters about alleged rampant nepotism under the UPA rule with Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, being the biggest beneficiary.

The party even famously held a special news conference charting out the ‘misdeeds’ of ‘damaad shiri’ under the UPA rule.

While Vadra has now been given a clean chit by the BJP government of Rajasthan in one case of alleged land grab, the saffron party finds itself embroiled in series of allegations of similar nature.

The latest allegation also comes barely few days after the RTI revelation on the land allotment to dream girl Hema Malini by Maharashtra’s BJP government.

What compounded the party’s woes was the fact that Hema Malini, now a BJP MP , desperately sought to defend the allotment arguing that it was her right to own that piece of land.

These two episodes revealed within a week have caused considerable damage to the BJP’s stand on corruption. It was amply reflected in social media conversation that followed.

While some mockingly termed it as a classic case of famous ‘Gujarat Model’ others took a dig at the media, particularly TV channels, questioning their muted response on the revelation.

Social media, twitter in particular, has been abuzz with posts, both critical and at times filled with sarcasm.

Here are some of the tweets posted on Friday’s revelation.