Bassi mocks Delhi CM, says Kejriwal’s attacks laughable as he couldn’t keep his cabinet clean of corruption


In an extraordinary development, the Delhi police commissioner, BS Bassi, on Monday launched blistering attack on the city’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Speaking to India Today, Bassi mocked Delhi chief minister by calling his attacks against the police ‘laughable’ and not ‘worth commenting.’

Following the rise in rape incidents against minors in the capital, Kejriwal had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hand over the control of Delhi police for at least one year.

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Bassi was quick to ridicule that suggestion. He said, “He had joined politics to cleanse the system of corruption. In eight months we know how he couldn’t keep his six cabinet ministers clean. I shouldn’t be commenting on what said. It’s not worth commenting.

On Kejriwal’s statement that he was no Sheila Dikshit, Bassi said, ” Of course no two two people can be same. Of course, he is not Sheila dikshit. Sheila Dikshit wasn’t Bassi. Every body is different. I don’t understand what he meant by sone nahi denge.”

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On the subject of Delhi CM planning to set up parallel police stations, Bassi said that this move would be unconstitutional.

He said, “It will be unconstitutional that he plans to run parallel police station. No body needs to bother about safety of women in Delhi. Delhi police is not scared of anyone. His suggestion is laughable. Anybody who understands law knows that the police has to function under CrPC. Kejriwal says we should report to him because his is the elected government. Then what’s the central government. They too have been elected by same people.”

Bassi’s comments are likely to cause huge turmoil as this is extremely unusual for a police commissioner to make what can be deemed as political charged comments against a popularly elected chief minister.

Delhi police has been widely criticised for its inability in checking the rising crimes against women and female children. Over the weekend, three gangrapes including one against two year old had shocked the nation.

A recent data published by National Crime Records Bureau had shown how Delhi had become the rape capital of India with total number of rapes being reported here was 2096 while the number of sexual offences committed was 7849.

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