“Aunty is so embarrassing”: Priyanka Chopra’s mother faces Twitterati’s ire after she objects to daughter’s comparison with Deepika Padukone


Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra on Thursday dominated social media conversations after she publicly admonished a website for comparing her actor-daughter to Deepika Padukone. Not only did Madhu Chopra object to Priyanka’s comparison with Deepika, she also went on to claim that the Quantico actor ‘always carries Haute couture better.’

Priyanka Chopra

This all started with a website wrote while commenting on Priyanka’s recent outfit that she wore for a magazine cover shoot. “Priyanka Chopra recently featured on the cover of an international magazine and her look instantly reminded us of Deepika Padukone.”

Incensed by the website’s comments, Madhu Chopra reacted, “Only a blind will think they are wearing same@outfit. Besides Pri always carries Haute couture better.”

Her comments evoked strong reactions from netizens with many concluding that Madhu Chopra’s reaction was ’embarrassing to say the least. One user wrote, “Aunty is so embarrassing.” To which Priyanka’s mother replied, “Stating facts is not embarrassing.”

Here’s how netizens reacted with some supporting Madhu Chopra;

It seems that Madhu Chopra had lost her cool at the website for drawing a comparison between her daughter and Deepika despite their outfits being different. Both Priyanka and Deepika have acted together in Bajirao Mastani.